Free, fully funded scholarship to study in Belgium 2024

Embarking on academic pursuits in Belgium is a distinctive experience for international students. The country’s renowned education system, marked by a blend of academic rigor and practical relevance, is offered by diverse universities and institutions. Belgium’s commitment to multilingualism, with courses available in Dutch, French, and English, creates an inclusive environment for students of various linguistic backgrounds.

Belgium’s central location in Europe provides students with easy access to neighboring countries, enriching their cultural exposure. The emphasis on research, innovation, and critical thinking skills equips students with a comprehensive education. Moreover, Belgium’s warm and inclusive society ensures that students feel supported in their academic endeavors.

The KU Leven scholarship presents a remarkable opportunity for international students pursuing a Master’s degree in Belgium. This fully funded scholarship is available for the International Master’s program at the esteemed Faculty of Science in the University of KU Leuven, one of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious universities, established in 1425.

Living in Belgium offers a culturally enriching experience, and studying at KU Leuven opens doors for academic and personal growth. The scholarship, provided by the Faculty of Science and the science@Leuven Alumni Association, aims to attract motivated and talented international students eager to contribute to the field of science. It not only offers financial support but also invites recipients to be part of a vibrant scholarly community in Leuven, one of Europe’s historic cities.

For eligibility, applicants must meet certain criteria, including proficiency in English, no previous connection to the University of Leuven, a foreign bachelor’s degree, and a strong academic record. The scholarship covers tuition fees, insurance, health coverage, and living expenses up to 10,000 euros for one year. Recipients are expected to act as ambassadors for the program and sign a contract outlining admission conditions.

Applicants need to submit various documents, including their highest diploma, biography, passport photo, proof of citizenship, language proficiency evidence, recommendation letters, and a letter of intent. The deadline for the fully funded scholarship is February 15, 2024.

To apply, visit the official website, follow the scholarship link, and complete the application accurately. Upon submission, ensure to receive a confirmation email. Meeting the deadline and providing all necessary documents are crucial steps in securing this valuable scholarship opportunity.



In conclusion, the opportunity for a fully funded scholarship to study in Belgium in 2024 presents an exciting prospect for individuals aspiring to pursue higher education in a dynamic and culturally rich environment. Navigating the eligibility criteria, mastering the application process, and embracing the Belgian experience can pave the way for a transformative academic journey.


  1. What are the general eligibility criteria for fully funded scholarships in Belgium?
    Typically, eligibility criteria encompass academic excellence, language proficiency, and, for research scholarships, a well-structured research proposal.
  2. How competitive is the application process?
    The competition is intense, but a robust academic background, clear goals, and a well-prepared application can significantly enhance your chances.
  3. Are there specific scholarships for different fields of study?
    Yes, there are scholarships tailored to various fields, including arts, sciences, and research.
  4. Can I work part-time while studying with a fully funded scholarship?
    Some scholarships permit part-time work during studies, but it’s essential to check the specific terms and conditions.
  5. What post-scholarship support is provided for career development?
    Many scholarships offer post-scholarship support, such as networking events, career counseling, and internship opportunities.

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