Seasonal Landscaping Jobs in France: Embrace the Green Adventure 2024


Working seasonally in the landscaping field in France offers a unique opportunity for those who thrive outdoors and are dedicated to preserving green spaces. In this article, we’ll delve into seasonal employment contracts, with a spotlight on the role of a landscape worker.

Experience the Thrill of Seasonal Landscaping in France

Working as a seasonal landscape worker in France is not just a job; it’s an enriching experience. At the heart of this work is the need to transport materials and teams to different sites, ranging from Lille to Dunkirk. This creates an essential connection between the seasonal worker and nature, laying the foundation for varied and stimulating workdays.

Job Description

Transporting Materials and Personnel
Efficient transportation of equipment and personnel is at the core of this seasonal work. Driving skills are essential, especially for journeys between sites, ensuring smooth logistics.

Maintaining Green Spaces

A typical day on a site involves a range of diverse tasks. From mowing to clearing, and pruning shrubs to trimming hedges, landscape workers contribute to maintaining the beauty of green spaces. Additionally, activities such as digging, hoeing, and roadwork are integral to their role.

Candidate Profile

BE License and Prior Experience
A holder of a BE license is preferred, facilitating the transport of equipment via a trailer. Previous experience in landscaping is also sought, demonstrating familiarity with the tasks at hand.

Passion for Outdoor Work

Enjoying outdoor work in all weather conditions is a major asset. Seasonal landscape workers must be ready to face various weather conditions while maintaining the quality of their work.

Team Spirit

The ability to work as part of a team is essential. Landscaping projects often involve close collaboration, requiring effective communication and the ability to contribute harmoniously to a collective effort.

Work Hours

With standard working hours of 35 hours per week, this seasonal job offers a balance between professional and personal life, allowing workers to fully enjoy their leisure time.

About the Employer

We collaborate with a client based in Armentières, specializing in the creation and maintenance of green spaces. Their commitment to environmental preservation and crafting beautiful landscapes offers a rewarding opportunity for seasonal landscape workers.


Landscape Worker (M/F)
The position requires a minimum of 6 months of experience, with no formal diploma requirements. This opening allows individuals passionate about landscaping, even without specific academic training, to become part of the team.

How to Apply

To apply for these enriching seasonal landscaping jobs, click the button below. Join us in embracing the green adventure! 🌿🌺


In wrapping up, seasonal employment contracts for landscape workers in France present a unique professional adventure. Varied tasks, driving requirements, and a passion for green spaces form the pillars of this opportunity.
We encourage those seeking a balance between outdoor work, teamwork, and skill development to consider this gratifying option.


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Join us in this green journey, where every day brings a new adventure and a chance to make a positive impact! 🌿✨


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