5 Tips for Protecting Birds in Our Garden During Winter

 As the autumn season approaches, many birds will stay in our gardens. However, the colder temperatures, wind, lack of vegetation, and insects will make life difficult for them. Nevertheless, we can help them during the cold season.

Do not cut down trees, bushes, and hedges

Ideally, it is best not to cut down trees, bushes, and hedges, which can provide protection and food (berries, small animals, etc.) for the birds.

Install an appropriate birdhouse

Consider installing a birdhouse that is suitable for the size of the birds in your region, making sure to consider the size of the opening (28 to 50 cm). Hang it securely to prevent accidents, at a high height to protect the birds from predators, and face the sun.

Feeding birds in winter

Hang fat balls or fill a bird feeder. To feed them, you can use a seed dispenser (flax, rapeseed, peanuts, sunflower seeds, hemp, etc.), a bird feeder filled with seeds, apples, pears, butter, etc. However, avoid salt, bread, biscuits, and dairy products.

If possible, feed them in the morning and evening, and clean them once a week. It is better to place them out of reach of cats and potential rodents, in places where they will be the only ones able to venture.

Provide them with water

And, place a birdbath by changing the water regularly and breaking the ice if necessary.

Emphasize cleanliness

Finally, clean the birdhouse, birdbath, and bird feeder to prevent diseases.

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