Good news for peanut butter lovers: peanut butter is good for your health, here's why!

 Some foods are good for your mood because they give you an instant serotonin rush. According to experts, this is especially true for peanut butter, which would feel as bad as snuggling in bed for 30 seconds.

Winter is approaching and it is not uncommon to feel a certain form of depression when faced with long days without much light. Add to that the energy crisis, the war in Ukraine, and the increase in the cost of living, and there is a lot to get excited about.

Good news for peanut butter fans

But in the midst of all this gloom, we have good news for you, since you can use and abuse peanut butter, which is good for your mood. Peanut butter contains tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for the production of serotonin in the body. This means that just a spoonful of peanut butter can help make you instantly happier.

The study, conducted by Emma Kenny, also found that simply spreading peanut butter on a piece of toast brought the same happiness as a hug from your partner, for 43 percent of those surveyed. "The human body is absolutely amazing, and some small, innocuous everyday actions can contribute to our happiness," she explains. "And if you take a double dose of peanut butter, you'll feel even better!"

Other activities work too

Other serotonin-boosting activities include watching movies, TV shows, or series, looking for snacks in the kitchen cupboards, reading a good book, or catching up with friends. So you know what you have to do to overcome the gloom of the coming weeks.

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