Can my dog go everywhere with me?

Even if your dog is well-trained, he is not welcome everywhere. Before going to a public place, check if your dog is allowed and under what conditions.

1. In the stores

For health reasons, dogs are not allowed in food stores such as supermarkets or hypermarkets. A sign with a crossed-out dog warns you at the entrance of the store. It is up to you to respect this ban. If there is no sign, the decision is up to each shopkeeper. Ask for permission before entering with your pet.

2. In the administration

Most of the time, dogs are not allowed in post offices, banks, and city halls (however, each mayor sets the rules by municipal decree). If you must go there, it may be best to leave your dog at home for an hour or two.

3. In public gardens

Public gardens are generally open to dogs on a leash. The municipality decides whether or not to allow pets. If a ban is in effect, a sign will be posted at the entrance to the area in question. If you ignore it, a municipal agent can fine you and ask you to leave the premises.

4. In a cab

Drivers may refuse to allow your dog in the taxi, except for guide dogs or service dogs for the disabled. If your dog is small, it will be relatively easy to convince a cab to accept you, even without a reservation. However, if your dog is larger, it will be difficult. It is best to make a reservation and specify the size and breed of your dog. Dog cabs specialize in transporting people with dogs, big or small. Think about it.

5. In public transportation

Metro and bus

Only small dogs carried in a bag or basket are accepted as well as guide dogs and assistance dogs for the disabled. In case of control, you can be fined for an amount that varies according to the transport company (about 60 $). If your animal is kept on a leash, muzzled, and is well-behaved, the inspectors may show some tolerance.

You must buy a half-price ticket for your dog, valid for your entire trip. Only assistance dogs can travel free of charge.

6. On the train

Small dogs (less than 6 kg) must be carried in a closed bag or basket whose dimensions will not exceed 45 cm x 30 cm x 25 cm. They pay a single fare of 5.10 $.

Other dogs pay a ticket equivalent to half of a 2nd class ticket, even if you travel in 1st class. Wearing a leash and muzzle is recommended. Before settling in, be sure to ask the other passengers if they are comfortable with the presence of your dog.

7. At your place of work

The law does not prohibit employees from coming to work with their dogs, provided, of course, that they have requested prior approval from their employer or supervisor. The latter may consider that the presence of an animal may disrupt the proper conduct of work. Some internal regulations, for reasons of hygiene or public order, expressly prohibit the presence of animals on company premises.

8. In a restaurant or café

Whether or not your pet is accepted is at the discretion of the manager of the establishment. If he admits your pet, he also becomes responsible for it and can be challenged by other customers.

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