Maine coon: zoom on this nice and strong cat!


1. Water: As you can imagine, water is something that cats hate. If you notice that you try to bathe your cat and he refuses, it is best not to try, because felines can also clean themselves. Scientists believe this is because many breeds of feline are found in desert locations.

2. Loud noises: It is natural for your cat and many other felines to dislike loud noises such as screams, firecrackers, loud music, or television, as they cause fear, stress, and anxiety.

3. Petting in the wrong places: Cats love affection, but if you detect that your cat doesn't like to be touched in a certain area of her body, it's best not to try and stop pushing. Your cat probably hates it when you touch her belly, back legs, and tail.

4. Strong smells: Felines have a very sensitive sense of smell and don't like strong aromas like tobacco, bleach, or garlic... So when your cat is around, try to avoid using them.

5. Hugging: Not all cats like to be hugged, and certainly not in the baby position, so a sign that your cat hates it is if it tries to bend down as you pick it up.

6. Modify his routine: Your cat despises it when you change even the smallest aspect of his daily life, whether it is the location of his bed, a move, a change in food, or anything else.

7. Keep doors closed: Cats love to have free access to every corner of the house, so if they find a closed door, they won't like it.

8. Car rides: You will notice that your cat dislikes car rides if you put him/her mostly in the carrier, as this scares him/her and introduces loud street noises or smells that are unfamiliar to him/her.

9. Medication: No pet likes medication, as the taste is usually unpleasant. There is not much you can do about this, but it is normal for your cat to hate taking medication.


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