Energy savings: turtlenecks, down jackets, and balaclavas make a comeback

While the indoor temperature should not exceed 19 degrees this winter, whether in your home, in companies, public buildings, or shopping malls, we will have to bring out unexpected pieces from our closets, starting with the now famous turtleneck, which has become one of the symbols of sobriety.

Last March, the biggest fashion houses delivered their trends for the fall-winter 2022 season at the end of a fashion week placed under the sign of renewal and optimism. The key? A desire for lightness, which was then translated into transparency, cut-out, mini-skirts, and crop tops ... Seven months later, at the time of energy sobriety, these inspirations are enough to make you shiver, requiring an update to avoid being chilled at work, as well as in your cozy nest. If not for style, these energy savings will restore the reputation of fashion pieces that we thought had been banned from our closets for life.

The turtleneck, a real symbol

Sometimes mocked, sometimes adulated, the turtleneck had its moment of glory in the 1970s, then contented itself with a few breakthroughs until the 2000s. It is in the form of an under-sweater that the turtleneck then distinguished itself, before falling back into oblivion. While it hasn't exactly disappeared from the radar, it was never considered a fashionable piece synonymous with style, but it could well prove to be a must-have this winter, propelled to the rank of symbol of energy sobriety.

If you weren't planning on investing in a good turtleneck sweater or sweater vest-don't panic! Many brands have been quick to jump on the bandwagon, offering models that are as stylish as they are practical for the winter and the falling thermostat. One of the latest ads from cashmere specialist Eric Bompard shows a man sitting in a large armchair with a turtleneck pulled up to the top of his head, and humorously proclaims, "Give up the tie for the turtleneck." Luxury brands and ready-to-wear stores are ready to help you prepare for this very special winter.

The return of the sleeveless down jacket

It's an eternal restart... Just two years ago, between two confinements, the sleeveless down jacket made, to our great regret, an unexpected return. The reason? The necessity for the public to air their houses frequently, and this in full winter, to reduce the risk of propagation of COVID-19 This comforting piece, though still considered old-fashioned, could once again invite itself into our cupboards for a season or two. The game has changed. It's no longer a matter of opening windows to renew the air regularly, but of limiting heating. The end result is the same: a need for covering, warm, and cocooning clothing. For lack of being able to work or relax, depending on the situation, in an oversized down jacket, its sleeveless version seems to be a must once again.

In 2020, Vincent Grégoire, trendsetter at Nelly Rodi, recommended betting on a totally shifted look and diverting the sleeveless down jacket to make it an ultra-stylish piece. It is worn preferably with clothes with which it is not supposed to be associated, like an elegant dress, for example. It is also possible to bet on more flashy colors or trendy prints to make it the star of the season. Or at least, try. And if you don't plan on taking the plunge, you can always fall back on the poncho or the cape, two outdoor pieces that can be kept inside without feeling uncomfortable.

Rely on accessories

We don't admit it in public, but we all have big, warm socks that we like to pull out on the coldest winter evenings with a cup of tea or hot chocolate in hand. It's quite possible that you'll be doing this more often this year, with indoor temperatures not exceeding 19 degrees, but it's even more likely-oh joy-that you'll (also) share it with your office colleagues. However, make sure you opt for offbeat socks, like Christmas sweaters, or better yet, those decorated with elegant patterns, which you can stuff into high boots that cover up just as much.

Another alternative is the balaclava, which luckily (or not) is one of the must-have accessories for the fall/winter 2022–2023 season. Givenchy, Balenciaga, and Richard Quinn are among the great houses that have made the balaclava an essential part of the female and male wardrobe. A good reason, albeit a little scary, to stay warm at home and at work. And if you think it's a bit too much, you can opt for a simple cap, just to be (more) unnoticed. Admit it, we all have a colleague, energy sobriety or not, who spends his days wearing a ski cap, so why not you?

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