5 breeds of dogs that cohabit well with cats


Vous avez un chat et vous envisagez d'adopter un chien ? Découvrez quels chiens s'entendent bien avec les félins.

The labrador, an ideal roommate

Known for its strong and robust side, the Labrador is also appreciated for its gentleness and tolerance towards other animals. It is even an ideal companion for cats! It is playful and affectionate, and it will have no problem playing with the felines in the house. Whenever possible, choose a dog and a cat with similar personalities; introductions will be all the faster.

The Pug, close to humans and animals, 

This small dog is as sociable as it is curious. Friendly and affectionate, it likes the company of other dogs... but also of cats! The meeting between a pug and a cat must be done under supervision. Little by little, the cat will learn to share his territory with his new friend.

The basset hound is a quiet and easy-going dog. 

The Basset Hound is known to be calm, gentle, and friendly. If it comes into a home with a cat, it will choose to be his friend. It is a pet that tends to socialize quickly with other residents.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a dog with a family spirit. 

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed that makes good friends with our cats! This small to a medium-sized dog doesn't hesitate to play with them, especially if the owner is away during the day. It has a big heart and excellent character.

The Yorkshire terrier, for its size, is comparable to that a cat! 

The Yorkshire terrier is an affectionate, gentle, and intelligent little dog. It adapts very easily to a new environment and is very sociable towards other animals, including cats. An introduction at a young age is ideal for the Yorkshire Terrier and cat to become good friends. Supervision is recommended in the early stages.

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