4 tips for choosing pet insurance


Choosing the right health insurance for your pets is essential to staying calm when faced with unexpected veterinary expenses that sometimes arise. Here are a few tips to help you choose the right contractor.

Wanting to help an animal, have a warm presence at home, or expand your family by bringing a dog or a cat into your home...There are many reasons to adopt a four-legged friend. And it is proven that with a pet, the members of a household live happier and healthier. After talking to your whole family and evaluating what this adoption would entail, you decided to take the plunge! But when you think of pets, you also think of veterinary fees and care, which can be expensive. A good pet insurance policy will help you welcome your new companion with peace of mind and will help you pay the bills for veterinary visits, treatments, exams, and possible surgeries or hospitalizations. Here are four tips for choosing the right insurance policy.

1/Choose an insurance policy with no age restrictions that offers the same coverage throughout your life. 

Pets are full-fledged members of your household, and as such, they deserve the best care possible. But depending on their age and life experience, they have different needs. As your dog or cat ages, it's likely that they'll need to visit the veterinarian more regularly. That's why it's important to choose an insurance policy that will cover your pet, even if it's a senior, even before any medical conditions arise. Most insurance policies exclude dogs and cats aged 8 years and over, but Agria Pet Insurance accepts them from the age of 6 weeks and without an age limit at subscription while offering the same guarantees throughout their life.

2/Make sure it covers all breeds and is adapted to your pet's needs. 

All breeds of dogs and cats have their own particularities, and this is also true in terms of health: some are more fragile, others are robust, or more or less exposed to certain disorders or diseases. Agria Pet Insurance covers all breeds, including categorized dogs, and offers plans that are fully adapted to their specific needs.

3/Opt for an insurance policy that simplifies your life, notably by allowing you to declare claims online. 

Health insurance allows you to save money in the event of an illness or accident. It reimburses you for a portion of the expenses upon presentation of supporting documents, including a care sheet completed by you and the veterinarian, a medical history, and detailed invoices. To make your life easier, Agria allows you to submit your claim directly online from your personal space "My Agria," also available via the mobile application. You can then follow the processing of your file, and you will receive a bank transfer corresponding to the total amount of your compensation.

4/Choose an insurance policy committed to the animal's condition. 

What if, in addition to providing the best care for your pet, you chose insurance that promotes animal welfare in general? To help homeless cats, Agria is organizing the Agria Cat Walk on Saturday, October 22, and Sunday, October 23, an international, solidarity-based, and totally free digital event. Owners are invited to share, on social networks, a photo or a video of their cat taking a few steps by indicating their participation with #baladedeschatsagria. For each cat that walks, Agria makes a donation to an association for the protection of stray cats. This initiative is in addition to the actions carried out by Agria in favor of the animal cause, such as the Agria Dog Walk, organized according to the same principle; the creation of a research fund that was set up in 1938 to improve reproduction conditions and breeding practices; and the partnership with the Société Centrale Canine and the Livre Officiel des Origines Félines.

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